Explore Our Amazing Universe

Buckle up and take a tour in our Solar System. Start from the terrestrial planets, and see how distinct they are. Move in the world of the gas giants, and explore their interesting satellites. Continue in the frozen worlds at the edge of our Solar System and find the peculiarities of Uranus and Neptune. Finally, get to know why Pluto fell from grace and it now belongs to the class of minor planets, together with the Asteroids and the Trans-Neptunian objects.

“Astronomy compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another.”

In a nutshell our task is, in a simple way to deliver and share scientific knowledge to everyone with or without scientific background, shorten the distance between science and every day life, let people feel that science is everywhere around us and by understanding science you can change your life. Click below my name and learn more about my story.

Explore the world of stars, and find out how they are formed and evolve. 

Learn how we can detect planets outside our Solar System, and see how many Earth-like planets have been discovered.

Start with a historical review of what today is called Astronomy, and become familiar with certain concepts and principles.

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