About me

About me


In a nutshell the mission is, in a simple way to deliver and share scientific knowledge to everyone with or without scientific background, shorten the distance between science and every day life, let people feel that science is everywhere around us and by understanding science you can change your life.

mission to mars, mars probe, space travel


During my academic period, I was able to help team member to build up their knowledge in certain areas, thus achieve their academic goals.

As a teacher, by presenting scientific concepts in a simple manner I was able to make my students to understand and love science.

Core value

A commitment to helping students of any age to increase their interest in science and motivating them to spent their time with it creatively and determining their potential.

A commitment to motivating adults to look into sciences with more interest, since we believe that it is never too late to learn something new, thus helping them to make their lives better.

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