The goldilocks zone planets

For many decades we thought that our planet is unique. Actually, we thought the same for our Solar System. Of course, we were always wondering if other stars host planets around them, but we had no observational evidence. This changed during the 90s, when we detected the first exoplanets (i.e., planets outside our Solar System). … Read more The goldilocks zone planets

Is it hard or not ? Methods detecting exoplanets

During the last decade, detecting exoplanets (planets outside our Solar System), has become one of the hottest research areas in Astronomy, due to the high number of planets that have been discovered. The main reason for this was NASA’s Kepler and now TESS, while new instrumentation on ground based telescopes, together with a variety of … Read more Is it hard or not ? Methods detecting exoplanets

Discovery of Earth-like planets

Since the establishment of the heliocentric model of our world and our understanding of our own solar system, astronomers have had many challenging tasks. The first one, is the discovery of planets outside our own solar system. Discovery of planets in other stellar systems would improve our knowledge in planetary physics and evolution of such systems, … Read more Discovery of Earth-like planets