Steps of star formation Part II

On the first part we saw some basic historic concepts about star formation (i.e. Jeans mass). We then went through the first steps of star formation. This means we saw what are the stellar nurseries of the universe, which are better known as interstellar clouds. We closed the section, with the initial collapse of an … Read more Steps of star formation Part II

The goldilocks zone planets

For many decades we thought that our planet is unique. Actually, we thought the same for our Solar System. Of course, we were always wondering if other stars host planets around them, but we had no observational evidence. This changed during the 90s, when we detected the first exoplanets (i.e., planets outside our Solar System). … Read more The goldilocks zone planets

Fun facts minor planets and comets

So far, we went through every planet of our Solar System. If you can recall, after Mars, we went directly to Jupiter, skipping the Asteroid belt. Also, in the post about Neptune, Neptune was mentioned as the last planet of the Solar System. So below, we will go through the Asteroid belt and Asteroids in … Read more Fun facts minor planets and comets